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High Blood Pressure aka The Silent Killer

How high blood pressure occurs

The Silent Killer is a name given to the high blood pressure (hypertension) because it has no initial symptoms but it may cause severe complications and diseases.

There are many people who have high blood pressure and they’re either don’t know they have it or they fail to see the danger that this condition may cause. High blood pressure is the main trigger for many serious medical conditions including kidney failure and heart attack.

High blood pressure sources

The sources aka causes of high blood pressure are many and they can be divided into two subgroups, those that can’t be prevented and those that can.
Sources that can’t be prevented include age (as the person ages they may develop arteriosclerosis which increases the chance of suffering from a high blood pressure), race (the research has proven that African Americans develop this condition at much early age and more often that Caucasians), socioeconomic status (in this case the stress is the main trigger for high blood pressure, people who have lesser income have more problems and a number of problems equal the amount of stress they are under), family (high blood pressure is a hereditary condition) and gender (men are more likely to develop high blood pressure)

Origins of high blood pressure that can be prevented and changed include alcohol use (more you drink the higher the blood pressure is), medications (some drugs elevate blood pressure 

For example, you have amphetamines and diet pills), obesity (obesity is one of the more common origins of high blood pressure: the risk of developing high blood pressure goes up along with the body weight and more overweight a person is the higher the chance of having a high blood pressure) and sodium sensitivity (high amount of sodium (salt) in a body is bad, as it increases a chance of getting high blood pressure and this is even more extreme with people who have high sodium sensitivity).

Symptoms of a high blood pressure

The very reason behind a “The Silent Killer” nickname for this condition is that it causes no symptoms in the majority of the cases. But in a minority of cases, there are some symptoms that can be connected to high blood pressure.

This happens with people whose blood pressure is very high, and they may develop constant re-occurring headaches, occasional dizziness, and blurred vision, and in some cases shortness of breath or vomiting and nausea. The main issue here is that these symptoms may be connected with other conditions as well, and people fail to see the connection between them and the blood pressure.

Diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is easily diagnosed with stethoscope used by a doctor or by an automated machine. To ensure the existence of constant high pressure, the practitioner of health care may ask you a barrage of questions that will prove the diagnosis.

Sadly, a high blood pressure can’t be cured it can be only controlled. The condition may progress, and the fight for control becomes harder as years go by.
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